Sleep as a means of beauty.

Every woman knows that traces of a sleepless night immediately appear on the face. Bruises under the eyes, gray complexion, sharp wrinkles – so our body reacts to overwork and lack of sleep.
To ensure that your sleep was deep, and most importantly – healthy, you must follow several basic rules. Before going to bed, do not eat calorie food. While the stomach will work, digesting dinner, you can not go to sleep. Try after 18:00 pm not eat anything, in extreme cases, drink warm tea with mint and croutons.

Try not to be nervous before going to sleep, it’s better to refuse from watching emotional and thrilling films, especially horrors. Books are also better to choose good, for example, romance novels. It is better to read a fashionable, female magazine, without overloading the brain with a large amount of information. Otherwise, your subconscious can cause negative, gloomy dreams and nightmares.

Due to the fact that sleep has several phases, it is best to sleep at night. Then your sleep will be full and you will really rest. After a day and afternoon sleep, often there are headaches, heaviness in the legs and apathy. You must sleep at least 8 hours per twenty-four hours. During sleep, your body is cleansed, the process of cell regeneration is activated.

It is necessary to sleep in a dark room, if through the window of your room penetrates the light – draw the curtains. Bright reflections can disturb your restful sleep. And then fall asleep is not so easy. Take care that the room is sufficiently ventilated. It is better to leave the window ajar for the night.

The air temperature in the room should be 20-23 degrees. The heat often provokes insomnia, and the cold always prevents you to fall asleep. Very high and soft cushions cause the curvature of the spine.

And finally, I want to say that the most healthy sleep is a sleep with a loved one. When the gentle, warm body of your second half lies next to you, it will always be easier to fall asleep and wake up.