14 easy ways to cleanse your body.

1. Enter beet into the diet, which will help in the work of the stomach and gallbladder. In addition, it contains iron, magnesium, zinc and calcium. All these helps the body to get rid of harmful substances. Vitamin B3, B6, C and beta-carotene help the liver to produce bile acids.

2. Eat 20-30 grams of activated carbon per day with purified water. It binds toxins, including pesticides, and leads them through the intestines.

3. Each day, eat citrus fruits, because they contain pectin, which perfectly cleanses the body of heavy metals, without eliminating useful micro elements.

4. Eat grapefruit. They include naringenin – a flavonoid that helps the liver to burn fat, in which are stored toxins.

5. Eat garlic. It promotes detoxification, because it helps to increase the number of white blood cells.

6. Enter asparagus into the diet, which helps to reduce the amount of pesticides in the body.

7. In the diet should be foods with vitamin C, because this vitamin reduces the level of radiation exposure.

8. Do exercise regularly and lead an active life. A half-hour sessions per day increases the supply of oxygen to the liver and kidneys, helping to cleanse the body.

9. Eat milk thistle for liver cleanse.

10. Eat seaweed. They contain algin, which removes toxins from the digestive tract. And trace elements, which are contained in algae, help to cleanse the blood.

11. Eat the leaves and roots of dandelion. They contain large amounts of antioxidants, which help to purify the liver.

12. Eat broccoli – it contains substances, having detoxifying effect.

13. Eat flaxseed and flaxseed oil, because they contain omega-3 and fiber.

14. Use turmeric – it is able to treat diseases of the liver and the gastrointestinal tract and purifies the body.

Healthy life.

We all understand how important is a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, not everyone adheres to this view, even though he knows that a healthy life is the most important.

We thought, why not everyone can observe basic rules of care for his health? It turned out that not all even know what to do and how to maintain health. People understand that they need to eat right, to do exercises, to get rid of bad habits, but they do not understand how to do it.

Every woman knows how important it is to conduct a correct lifestyle, eat useful products, to do morning exercises. The men also know it, and even children, but it is extremely important to force yourself follow the rules, later all of it becomes a habit.

Healthy family – a rarity today, at least one of the members of the family is suffering from any disease or has overweight. If you take care of your health today, already tomorrow it will improve.

To maintain a healthy lifestyle you must adhere to simple rules. Need more walk in the fresh air, often to ventilate the apartment, every morning to do exercises or go in for sport. Thus, you will keep your body in good form and will prevent a number of diseases and overweight.

Another not unimportant factor of a healthy lifestyle – right nutrition. Try to eat natural and wholesome food. For example, I try to eat less fast food, fried food, and smoked foods. I also try not to eat foods with preservatives and dyes: carbonated drinks, chips, etc. But sometimes I want to eat such food, but I understand that not all the delicious food is useful, but on the contrary is harmful. Then I try to replace such meal by fresh fruit and natural products that are also tasty and useful.